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Chalice -  progressive  rock band,melodic rock, or just music?

All the compositions start life in Rob's home studio using Cubase VST®. All the parts are arranged individually with the keyboard parts played "live", the final mix being recorded to CDs ready for the band to rehearse. Chalice never write from scratch in the studio, although sometimes an idea might develop for future use.
In the final recording studio, the bass and drum tracks are recorded along with a guide keyboard part. Guide vocals are not always recorded, which is why the live version of "Back to Back" is four bars longer than on the CD! A vital interval was left out, which made it impossible for Stephanie to get the next vocal section in. If you listen carefully you can detect the drop in.
The guitar parts are then recorded followed by the final keyboard parts. A basic mix is then done in readiness for the vocals.
The equipment used in the studio is as used on stage, although on "Back to Back" a Moog Source was employed for the pedalled bass notes but deemed too temperamental for live use. The analog synthesiser sounds are supplied by the JP8000 with the XP50 supplying the main keyboard parts. The XP50 also contains a "Taurus" bass pedal patch for stage use which is triggered by a set of Roland PK5 midi-pedals. The Mellotron sounds come from the EMU Classic Keys ( there were no Mellotron strings used on the "Back to Back" CD as Rob did not have the EMU then ) although the mixed Choir from the "Keyboards of the 60s and 70s" card installed in the XP50 is also used.