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Chalice -  progressive  rock band,melodic rock, or just music?

1960: Learnt to play guitar, and joined local band " The Southern Drifters"
1964: Formed " The Chains" with brother Ian
1967: Formed " The Green Wallace", with bassist Lenny Flack and Alex with an unpronouncable surname on drums,later changing the name to " The Artist"with Clive Fenner on drums and Barry Pullinger on bass
1970: Formed the successor to The Artist,"Quasar " with Andy Wheal on drums
1973: Played bass in several working bands, particularly " Enterprise"
1975: Joined a Colchester based band, playing Ry Cooder and Little Feat style of material
1977: Met Rick Wills, the idea for " Chalice " was forming
1980: Toured the north UK with Manchester band " Sasha"
1982: Joined Southend band "Second Nature" met vocalist LorraineTrew. Bought first keyboard ( Korg Lambda)
1984: Formed first band to play my own material  ( Opus ) Also joined "The Symbols" a successful 60's band, playing bass and keyboards
1986: Recorded Seeds of Doubt, The Keeper and the Reaper and Don't Frighten Me
1987: Joined Southend band " Cartoons " as keyboard player
1990: Joined " The New Vaudeville Jazz Band "
1995: Formed 'Chalice' - originally called 'Solstice'