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Chalice -  progressive  rock band,melodic rock, or just music?
Chalice Scrapbook
Lorraine Trew

LORRAINE ( LOLLY ) TREW - vocalist
Original singer with Chalice. Worked on most of the early recordings, and remains a close friend of Rob's. Left to spend more time with her family.Now busy recording with husband Max at their private studio.

Jeff Green and Lyn O'Hara

JEFF GREEN ( guitar ) and LYN O' HARA ( vocals )
Jeff is currently touring and recording with The Illegal Eagles, Lyn moved to Doncaste.Jeff has now rejoined.

Carole Godden

CAROLE GODDEN- vocalist : Highly renowned session singer. Sung briefly with Chalice in 1999 until forced to take a break due to nodules on her vocal cords.

Sue Fountain

SUE FOUNTAIN - vocalist : Sung with Chalice in 1999.Good friend of Rob's.

Early Chalice

Early Chalice line up
( Lyn O'Hara on vocals)